HCR Air Doors

HCR Luft D°rer

Af hverju "hur­" er ekki alltaf rÚtta lausnin ...

═s og klaka vandamßl Ý frystigeymslum.
Ůegar hur­ opnast, myndast loftskipti ß tvo vegu sem eiga sÚr sta­ milli herbergja me­ mismunandi hitastig. ═ hvert sinn sem hur­in opnast, tapast orka. Lausnin ß ■essu vandamßli er HCR hur­ab˙na­ur sem stendur fyrir lßrÚtt streymi lofts (Horizontal stream ) sem fylgir bogadregnu ferli (Curvilinear path ) og hringrßsar (Re-circulatory).

HCR hur­ab˙na­ur myndar ˇsřnilega en mj÷g ßrangursrÝka lofthindrun sem er alltaf opin fyrir umfer­ en loku­ fyrir loftskipti og orkutap.

KŠliver hefur umbo­ ß ═slandi og Ý Evrˇpu fyrir HCR hur­ab˙na­.

Why "DOORS" aren't always the answer....

Regardless of the door, regardless of the brand, there are three constants with industrial door ownership:

1 - No matter how fast the door opens; somebody will hit the door and create additional costs for you.
2- All doors have moving parts. Moving parts wear out and must be replaced.
3 - Each time the door opens, a 2-way air exchange will occur between rooms with different temperatures. Each time the door opens, energy is lost.

The way to leave all of these headaches behind is HCR, which stands for: a Horizontal stream of air that follows a Curvilinear path and is Re-circulatory.
HCR creates an invisible yet highly effective air barrier that is always open for you lift truck traffic but always closed in terms of air exchange and energy loss. There is no panel to hit or damage. There are no reversing edges, bottom bars, expensive sensors and/or safety devices to maintain or replace. HCR is 100% safe, 100% of the time and offers 100% visibility. It won't close on you, injure pedestrians, or damage valuable goods. In a nutshell, HCR does what no other doorway product can, truly reducing your total ownership and operating costs.

Kaeliver is the distributor in Iceland and Europe for HCR Air Doors.